Our church is committed to serving to others. This involves both hands-on service to those in need here around us, and funding for service across the country and around the world. That service includes not only deeds of compassion, but also advocacy for social justice.
Below, we feature descriptions of three of our mission commitments with links to their own websites
Rockland Interfaith Breakfast Program (RIBP)

RIBP is a free feeding program that has been serving the community in the fellowship hall of the United Church of Spring Valley since 1985. Every weekday morning, throughout the year, volunteers serve a hot morning meal to the homeless, unemployed, underemployed or anyone who walks through our doors.


Helping Hands Coalition for the Homeless
Helping Hands Administrative Office and Outreach Center is located in the United Church of Spring Valley. Since RIBP and Helping Hands serve many of the same people, we collaborate on many functions, including Helping Hands’ Safe Haven Program. Several nights throughout the cold months, UCSV provides a hot meal and lodging for the homeless.
For more information, go to http://www.helpinghandsofrockland.org/.
Room for All (RfA)
Room for All was launched in the fall of 2005 after the General Synod of the Reformed Church of America tried, convicted, and consequently suspended the ordination of the Rev. Dr. Norman Kansfield, then president of the New Brunswick Theological Seminary, for performing the wedding of his daughter Ann to her fiancée Jennifer. It was created to support, educate, and advocate for the welcome, affirmation, and full participation of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) persons in all aspects of the life and ministry of the Reformed Church in America as compelled by the inclusive love of God revealed to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus
UCC Missions
Our Church’s Wider Mission
New York Conference
NYC Metropolitan Association
Strengthen the Church
Neighbors in Need
The Christmas Fund
Veterans of the Cross Fund
Back Bay Mission, Biloxi, Miss.
One Great Hour of Sharing
Charles Hall Youth Services- Bismarck, ND
RCA Missions
Congregational Services Projects
Room for All
Warwick Conference Center
Bertalan Tamas, Hungary
Project Hospitality, Staten Island
Non-Denominational Missions
Habitat for Humanity
Rockland Interfaith Breakfast Program
Martin Luther King Multi-Purpose Center
Center for Safety & Change
(formerly Rockland Family Shelter)
Helping Hands Coalition for the Homeless
SHARE Orphan Sponsorship (SOS)
People to People
Angel Tree
Church World Service
National Council of Churches
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