We are a Christian church and therefore heirs to a tradition that stretches back 2000 years to the life, teachings, and passion of Jesus of Nazareth. Over the centuries, churches have sought to articulate the substance of our faith in many documents. We are heirs in some sense to all of them, but particularly those that have shaped the Reformed tradition.
These attempts to express Christian faith are just that, they can never be definitive for us in the way that the Bible is. Similarly, the Bible, as the Christian’s authority for faith and life, is subject to a breadth of interpretations and understandings. Jesus, as best we can know him, defines the contours of our faith. Christianity began when Jesus called men and women to come and follow him. The church exists as a pilgrim community following Jesus, rejoicing in the grace of God, in service to the world.
Our congregation is in many ways a microcosm of that larger church. There is within our church family a breadth of belief rooted in our shared commitment to be followers of Jesus. These differences in belief enrich rather than divide us. As we gather in worship, in group discussions, and in service to others, we have opportunities to tell our stories and share our journeys in life and in faith. As God has accepted us each with great grace, so we accept one another with curiosity and humility. We welcome and celebrate God’s creation of the rich diversity among us, a diversity of sex, race, language, culture, sexual orientation, education, politics, gifts, talents, abilities, and more.
The bottom line that we all share at the heart of our faith is that God is love, both tender and fierce. In the tenderness of God we experience grace, forgiveness, healing, wisdom, and peace. In God’s fierce love we experience a compelling call to compassionate service to those who suffer from the brokenness and violence of our world, and to struggle for that social justice that reflects the reign of God.
For us to be Christian is to choose to follow Jesus. It is not just seeking to believe the right things, but to do the right things. It is to open one’s mind & heart to the mind & heart of God as best manifest in the life, teaching, and passion of Christ. It is to do so as a part of a community of folks who likewise are seeking to follow Jesus. Both individually and collectively, we gather to worship God, to attend to the voice of the Spirit in Scripture, each other, and the events of the world around us. It is to pray together, play together, and work together for the healing of our community & our world, beginning with ourselves.
We are congregation that believes that “God Is Still Speaking.” That is to say that God is dynamic, not static; that God has more truth to reveal for us; that we can’t “put a period where God has put a comma.” “No matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.” Whether your faith is characterized more by questions or by convictions, you are welcome here. We seek to make our embrace wide like the embrace of our God.